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Since 1996, PCG Telecom Consulting Group, Inc. has specialized in working with mid-size companies nationwide to audit, analyze, optimize and streamline their telecommunications services, including: Local Phone Service, Long Distance, WAN & MPLS Data Networks, Internet Access, Managed IT Services and Hosted VoIP. 

Our typical client spends $5,000 or more on a monthly basis for telecom services (enough to be significant, but not quite big enough to have a dedicated "telecom manager" on staff), and the average client savings are 30% by using our independent consulting services. Our business model is very simple: we audit your telecom bills, find opportunities for savings, show you how to do things better and/or more efficiently, and then negotiate better rates with your current carriers and/or new carriers.

Our consulting fee charged is on a contingency basis, typically 2 months of any savings you actually realize from using our services, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our reputation and numerous references speak for themselves and our continued success is only possible due to our satisfied clients and their continued trust in our services. As a consultant, our goal is to build a long-term relationship with your company and fill the role of being a trusted business advisor.

PCG also offers an ongoing proactive consulting service called "Telecom Expense Management" (TEM), wherin ALL of your telecom bills are reviewed on a monthly basis for accuracy and contract/rate compliance, as well as providing "help desk" services for all of your telecom services. 

How much can PCG save your company on its monthly telecom bills? Contact us today to find out.


Local Phone Service * Long Distance * WAN & MPLS Data Networks * Internet Access * Wireless Phones * Conferencing * Managed IT Services * Hosted VoIP Business Phone Systems * Premise-Based & Managed IP-PBX Phone Systems

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